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We invite submissions on a wide range of research topics in research track, and industry/application papers in application track. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

3D Printed Soft ActuatorsLasers and optical fibers
Action DevicesMagnetism and superconductivity
Advanced batteriesMagneto rheological fluids
Advanced Casting processMarket Demand & Value
Advanced characterization techniquesMass and Tip based sensors
Advanced Computer Aided DrawingMaterials Challenges
Advanced innovations in civil engineeringMaterials Chemistry
Advanced Manufacturing TechnologiesMaterials Discovery
Advanced Mechanical Machining processMaterials for Defence 
Advanced Production & Operation ManagementMaterials for Energy and Sustainability
Advances in Material Science and EngineeringMaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage Devices
Advances in Smart Medical TextilesMaterials for Healthcare
Aerospace EngineeringMaterials in Dentistry
Aerospace MaterialsMaterials properties
Analytical chemistryMathematical modeling in nanotechnology
Applied MathematicsMathematical Models & Methods for Smart Structures
Architectural Smart MaterialsMechanical properties of smart materials
Architectural Technology of Structural EngineeringMechanics & Rheology of Materials
Architecture and Civil EngineeringMechanics and Behavior of Smart Materials
Artificial Intelligence-Automation RevolutionMeta Materials
Artificial Neural NetworksMetals,Alloys and Composites
Artificial Self-Cleaning SurfacesMetaMaterial Technologies
Atomic structure and inter-atomic bondingMicro machinery
Big data & Smart service systemsMicro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
Bio PlasticsModeling, simulation and control of smart materials
Bioactive Smart Materials-BionicsMultifunctional materials and structures
Bio-inspired and biomimetic smart materials and systemsNano fibers, Nano films and Nano composites
Biomaterials - An inevitable part of Medical SciencesNano powder and Nano particles
Biomaterials and Regenerative MedicineNano tubes, Nano rods and Nano wires
Bio-MineralizationNanomaterials - Small size &Big impact
Biopolymers and Electro Active polymersNanomaterials and Nanotechnology
BiosensorsNano-scale and Particle physics
Carbon, graphite and grapheneNEMS, MEMS and liquid metal devices
CatalysisNovel Design and Processing
Ceramics and PolymersOptical & Electronic Smart Materials
Chemical Sensor and Micro systemOptical and Electronic Materials
ClaytronicOptical Fibers
Command and Control unitsOptical instruments
Computational and Curing CompositesOptical properties of smart materials
Computational optics and photonicsOptimization Techniques and its application
Condensed matter physicspH Sensitive Materials
Conductive PolymersPhase diagrams
Corrosion and degradation of materialsPhotonics materials and devices
Corrosion preventionPhotovoltaic Cells
Crystal structure of materials and crystal growth techniquesPhysics and Chemistry of Smart Materials
CrystallographyPiezoelectric actuator
Cybernetics and brain simulationPiezoelectric and Ferroelectric Materials
Data Acquisition and TransmissionPlastics Fabrication and Uses
Data FusionPneumatic actuator
DefencePolymer-based Smart Materials
Design for Manufacturing and AssemblyProduct Design and Development
Design of Smart Home NetworksQuantum Dots
Designing and Processing of MaterialsQuantum science and technology
Dielectric ElastomersSemiconductors and super conductors
DigitalizationSensors, Transducers & Actuators
Dislocations and strengthening mechanismsShape-memory alloys
Display technologiesShock Absorbers
Electrical and ElectronicsSignal Processing
Electro magneto Rheological fluidsSimulation & Modeling of Manufacturing Systems
Electroluminescent MaterialsSmart Biomaterials
Electronic and Photonic MaterialsSmart biosensors and devices
Embedded Data Collectors (EDC) - Wireless Pile MonitorsSmart bricks and Fluids
Emerging MaterialsSmart Cities
Energy ScavengersSmart Composite Coatings & Membranes
E-Textiles and FabricsSmart Control Systems in Industrial Applications
Femto TechnologySmart Design and Construction of Special Structures
Ferro fluidsSmart Grid Technology
Film Technology and CoatingsSmart Health
Floating and green cities architectureSmart Materials and Technologies
Fuel Cell TechnologySmart materials for body implants and prosthesis
Fuel cellsSmart materials for drug delivery systems
FullereneSmart materials for medical imaging
Functional compositesSmart Nano devices
Future of MaterialsSmart Paints
Fuzzy logic and Intelligent Collaborative SystemsSmart Power grids
Geotechnical and Environment FieldSmart Structures
GrapheneSmart Textiles & Smart apparel
Green BuildingsSolar cell materials and devices
Green chemistrySolid state physics
Green Nanomaterial and Its ApplicationSpintronics
Halochromic MaterialsStructural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
Headway of Smart StructuresStructural Engineering and Ceramics
High Tensile SteelStructural Engineering and Concrete Technology
Implant DevelopmentSuper capacitors
Information Communication TechnologiesSuper Elasticity Materials
Innovative CharacterisationSupramolecular Chemistry
Insight into Smart Materials and TechnologySurface Engineering
Integrated system design and implementationThermal properties of smart materials
Integration of manufacturing elementsThin Film Batteries
Integration of Smart power & Renewable energy systemsTissue repair and regeneration
Intelligent BiomimeticTransportation & Construction Engineering Concepts 
Intelligent Manufacturing SystemsUnder water - on water constructions
Ionic polymer metal composites (IPMCs)Vibration Control of Structure- Piezoceramics

Vibration energy harvesting

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